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Our experience offering consultancy to Departments of HR, shows US the difficulties with which the companies are at the time of liquidating correctly payrolls. Being a repetitive and troublesome task is a problem significant for this sector, having to derive by a period of time all its attention to solve a subject merely administrative as opposed to its responsibilities like department led the development of the personnel, and to manage the daily disadvantages.

Often one is afraid that to outsource payrolls liquidations it means the loss of information as is had at the moment it in the system of liquidations in-house, that lacking the access to the information derived from the liquidation. Still more, if the Company already has decided on outsourcing payroll liquidation with a system of Management of RRHH, it thinks that their data differ from which it has the other one that makes the liquidation.

Our consultant offers a solution to this problem, when avoiding that the sector requires additional personnel for this task giving a COMPLETE SYSTEM so that the sector can maintain the information of files and the liquidation itself to its disposition in one single one.

Practically with the same cost or lower that means to maintain personnel in specialized relation of dependency for liquidating payroll, your company will manage to obtain the following benefits:

1. Tax:
1,1 Advising for the preparation of forms (649 AFIP-DGI) and provision of its data.
1,2 Information of new features with respect to the work in dependency relation.
1,3 Advising for the preparation of the Declarations Sworn of the Tax to the Gains and Tax on the Personal Goods.
1.4 Provision of the archives to import SICORE

2. - Provisional
2,1 Preparation of the F931 (AFIP - DGI) corresponding to the S.U.S.S.
2.2 Provision of the papers of work with detail of the liquidation.

3. - Legal:
3,1 Print of Law 20,744 Art.. 52
3,2 Print of Receipts of Salaries

4. -Accountants:
4.1 Delivery of the Excel archives containing the accounting of each liquidation.
4,2 Calculation of the Provision by vacations and Christmas gifts.
4,3 Countable information by center of costs.

Up to here we could say that this service has no difference of other suppliers, but to all the announced previously, we will give you a Management System of Personnel which will maintain you updated as if you liquidate payroll in your own company.

This way, you will have a system to administer your personnel being not worried of the problem to liquidate payroll.

Contracting to this service your Company will obtain all the benefits of this management system of Personnel as if you had bought it.

Some of the functional aspects that the system will cover are:

Data of the Personnel: Files, Relatives, Positions, Studies
Administrator of vacations
Administration of We lent and Advance payments
Liquidations of Salaries
Administration of given elements
Training of personnel
Administration of Social Work plans
Dynamic tables of additional data of files
Countable Interfaces
Interfaces with Systems of control of accesses
Banking interfaces
Interfaces with governmental institutions (SICORE, SIJP, etc..)
Administration of personal documentation