Point business company

The point of Communication is to listen
and interpret the needs of our Customers



We use the information-technology to increase the power of our background like consultants. We utilize in addition to the own all the known tools and of international practice tending to obtain the best results.

We maintain constant relation with our customers. Each service is designed and supervised by the Director or Associated Consultant and they keep in touch direct and flowed with the companies, from the beginning even the finalization out of every work.

We answer to policies and styles of ourselves. Consultants and instructors are fruit of laborious selection, formation, adjusting, development of possession and induction to the account customer.


We work to offer competitive prices. We are not tied to fixed values established corporately, since we handle ourselves with referential values. We agree on the cost-reducing aspects according to the kind of service, quantity and mode of deal.

We contribute to decreasing the investment in new staff's incorporation through the use of resourceful Human and radial portals, avoiding the expense of publication of journalistic ads, while the Insight's application optimizes the costs when expediting the processes of induction in many instances and when offering tools that consolidate the link between the company and the employee.

We make out a real and tangible customization of the activities without affecting the competitiveness of the prices.

We consider the confidentiality and the information's reserve essential. We are open to celebrate formal agreements and agreements of exclusivity.


We have a valuable file of successful interventions in several fields at the country and out-of-doors. This is the result of having attended numerous companies of diverse origin, culture, bunch and style.

We achieve a structure and a way to operate that represent positive benefits for our customers.

We are in a position to face mass services, where the challenge is to maintain tall levels of quality in simultaneous processes and of great geographic dispersion.

We take from fashions only that serves and can result in better services. We achieve exclusive developments on the base of investigations, experiences and successful fashion models. We do not answer bureaucratic superstructures neither to standardized methodologies.

We get involved with the customers. We remain always at your disposal to exchange ideas and to think side by side, although it not imply a deal necessarily.

We have vocation, formation and experience in consultantship of companies. We are in quest continue of bringing up to date and we transfer our qualifications to customers.