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The characteristics of the world market have gotten modified over the past years, demanding a re-adjusting from the profile businessman of the organizations; Argentina immersed in this change can not be out of it.

CERUTTI & ASOCIADOS Consulting like entity dedicated to offering support in Human Resources Management and Institutional Relations:

• Recruiting and Staff´s Selection
• Head Hunting
• Management of Human Resources (Training - In / Out House)
• Training in all the areas and levels
• Outsourcing of Payroll Liquidation
• Systems of management or Payroll Liquidation

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Recruiting and Staff´s Selection

In CERUTTI & ASOCIADOS Consulting, we have an experience of over 20 years in direct searching and selection of candidates. We are aware of the current labor market changes as well as changing and specific needs of the companies.

The effectiveness and importance of Human Resources for your company starts with searching and training the best people for the jobs assigned.

CERUTTI & ASOCIADOS Consulting is an innovative company that provides an entirely service to your needs in the field of human resources, through a team of experts capable of offering the most appropriate outsourced solutions

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Outsourcing of Payroll Liquidation

Our experience offering consultancy to Departments of HR, shows US the difficulties with which the companies are at the time of liquidating correctly payrolls.

Being a repetitive and troublesome task is a problem significant for this sector, having to derive by a period of time all its attention to solve a subject merely administrative as opposed to its responsibilities like department led the development of the personnel, and to manage the daily disadvantages.

Often one is afraid that to outsource payrolls liquidations it means the loss of information as is had at the moment it in the system of liquidations in-house, that lacking the access to the information derived from the liquidation.

Still more, if the Company already has decided on outsourcing payroll liquidation with a system of Management of RRHH, it thinks that their data differ from ...